We buy processors and an electronic circuits
Purchase of scrap metal

Purchase of electronics

We buy used electrical and electronic equipment as well as subassemblies from devices. The full offer is available in the Price list. In the recycling process, we obtain valuable raw materials i.a. precious metals, which can be re-used for the production of new devices.
We run a collection point for used electrical and electronic equipment at the headquarters of our company, which is open (from Monday to Friday, between 7 and 15 hours), where we accept equipment free of charge from the public.

Purchase of precious metals

We buy all waste containing precious metals: gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium and iridium. We have our own test stand and X-ray spectrometer allowing to determine the chemical composition of the purchased waste. We carry out weighing on verified weights.


We also buy:

tin dross and tin-containing waste

teletechnical scrap

scrap of telephone exchange

scrap of sintered carbide

thermocouples and laboratory vessels

car catalysts

high speed steel scrap in SW grades

Waste collection

We collect hazardous and non-hazardous waste in accordance with approval authorising us to conduct the business.
We offer disassembly of equipment at the customer’s place.
We prepare photographic documentation for the client’s needs.
We collect waste prepared in a way which allows loading and transport.
We provide containers or containers for selective waste collection.
We also receive plastic waste, rubber, packaging, waste from repairs, debris in order to meet the needs of the client and approach waste management comprehensively.
We also offer comprehensive solutions for large industrial, manufacturing plants by collecting post-production waste.

Cable recycling

Our services include purchasing and recycling of (a/o):

computer cable waste

power cable waste

car wiring

audio/video devices and household appliances wiring

wire, stranded wire, cord

telephone cable scrap

According to the permission we accept the following cable scrap for recycling:

No. Waste Code Waste Name
1. 16 02 16 Components removed from discarded equipment other than those mentioned in 16 02 15
2. 17 04 11 Cables other than those mentioned in 17 04 10
3. 17 04 07 Mixed metals

The purchase price of cable waste depends on the price of Copper in accordance with current market information and content of copper in the cable.
We issue a Waste Transfer Note and a recycling confirmation – upon customer’s request


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