About us

We offer comprehensive solutions

We were established in 1995.

We started cooperating with telecommunication plants, eliminating end-of-life telephone exchanges. We constantly follow the market’s needs from that moment. The experience gained, the individual approach to the client and the constant expansion of the business areas allow us today to provide comprehensive services in the field of waste management.

Stawiamy na rozwój!

In 2002 we got approval to conduct our activities in the field of waste collection and transport.

In 2005 we expanded the business to purchasing waste of high speed steel and sintered carbide.

In 2006 We launched Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Plant.

In 2007 We increase the processing capacity of our Processing Plant.

In 2011 We extended our activity with metals and metal compounds (R4) recycling and reclamation processes.

In 2012 We launched an installation for recycling cable waste (R4), co-financed by EU funds.

In 2018 We extended the decision to collect waste for plastics and rubber waste.

In 2018 We were granted in the register of entities introducing products, packed produkcts and managing waste under No. 000009909.

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