About us

We are a company with a long tradition recovering precious metals. Since 2006 we also are an electrical and electronic equipment waste processing plant entered into the Electric and Electronic Equipment Recovery Entrepreneurs and Organisations Register under the register No. E0000650ZPR.

The main area of our activity is recovery of precious metals. According to the statistics, about 80% of the global demand for precious metals is consumed by production of all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment. Along these lines, we began our activity cooperating with Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. and its affiliated entities (involved in maintenance works). The subject of cooperation was (and still it is) to dismantle and purchase telephone exchanges withdrawn from service.

We have quickly expanded our business activity with purchasing any other scrap containing precious metals, thus increased the number of our customers.

To meet the expectations of our customers we have launched an analytical laboratory carrying out tests for the presence and content of precious metals, we purchased induction furnaces for melting and averaging samples for analysis.

In accordance with the permits given to us, since 2002 we have been operating in the field of collection and transportation of more than 100 types of waste.

Since 2005 we have extended the scope of our activity with purchase of waste of high speed steel and cemented carbide.

In 2006 we launched an electric and electronic equipment waste processing plant. The plant offers a comprehensive range of services including collection, transportation and disposal of worn out computer hardware, electronics, telecommunications equipment, light sources, audio/video devices and household appliances from all over the country (Poland).

In 2011 we extended our activity with metals and metal compounds (R4) recycling and reclamation processes and since September 2012 we operate in the field of cable scrap recycling (R4).