Edelmet Sp. z o.o. has launched a new electric cables recovery and recycling plant. The project was co-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme for the Silesian Province for 2007-2013 (name of the project: ‘Development of Edelmet sp. z o.o. through purchase of fixed assets and introduction of a new product as a consequence of cables recovery and recycling in Katowice’).
Agreement: UDA-RPSL.01.02.01-00-063/08-00 ‘Regional Operational Programme for the Silesian Province – a real answer to the real needs’.

Our services include purchasing and recycling of (a/o): 

  • computer cable waste
  • power cable waste
  • car wiring
  • audio/video devices and household appliances wiring
  • wire, stranded wire, cord
  • telephone cable scrap

According to the permission we accept the following cable scrap for recycling:


Waste Code

Waste Name


16 02 16

Components removed from discarded equipment other than those mentioned

in 16 02 15


17 04 11

Cables other than those mentioned in 17 04 10


17 04 07

Mixed metals

The purchase price of cable waste depends on the price of copper in accordance with current market information and content of copper in the cable.
We issue a Waste Transfer Note and a recycling confirmation – upon customer’s request